Light Sensitivity And Dizziness Lasting Longer Than 5 Weeks W/ No Headache - Please Help


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Light Sensitivity And Dizziness Lasting Longer Than 5 Weeks W/ No Headache - Please Help

I am crying as I am typing..that is how desperate I am. I was diagnosed with migraines at 16. It started with numbness. I would not be able to feel my body, dizziness, photophobia, confusion,etc. Sometimes I would get so confused I could not get my words out right. These episodes would last for a couple months, not just a day. What I find odd is that I rarely had a headache with these attacks. How can I have migraines without a headache. As I got older my attacks would be less frequent and would not last near as long. 5 weeks ago I got that feeling again. I guess you call it an aura. Got numb, confused, dizzy. This happened out of the blue. Since then I have had non-stop dizziness. Not sure if that is even how to describe it. It is almost as if everything around me seems larger, especially if I look out in the distance. If I focus on something upclose it is not that bad. It is very scary. I get disorientated when I go in any stores. Thank god I work at home or I would have already lost my job. My hands stay ice cold most of the time, but my arms will be warm. My ears have been ringing nonstop. I have periods of tingling and numbness in my toes, ankles, head and face. Could this be a migraine attack? I did have a terrible headache yesterday that lasted all day, but this is not a common occurence. Please someone help me. I have no insurance and don't know what to do. I can't take it much longer. I am at my wits end.



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It's terribly frustrating that in the years you've had Migraines no doctor has told you that you can have a Migraine attack without the headache. It happens quite frequently, as a matter of fact. When that happens, that Migraine is described as "silent" or "acephalgic." You can find more information about that in Acephalgic or Silent Migraine - The Basics.

That said, although the symptoms you describe that you've been experiencing for the last five weeks could be a silent Migraine, BUT they could also be symptoms of other medical problems, including stroke or TIA. Only a doctor who can examine you in person can safely tell you what it is and what should be done. If it IS a Migraine, it need to be dealt with. Whether you have a headache with it or not, a Migraine that lasts this long has potential dangers of its own and needs to be dealt with.

I understand the problems of not having insurance. Was in that position myself for several years. Still, these symptoms need to be checked out by a doctor to see what's causing them. Without knowing the cause, it's impossible to give you any suggestions, and you need to be sure that there's nothing seriously wrong.

There may well be free or low-cost health care services available in your community. Check with your county health department and the closest office of your state Department of Health and Human Services. Also, there are federally-funded clinics that base their fees on your income level. To find out more about them and see if there's one in your area, see HRSA Health Centers Can Provide Basic Migraine Care.

Please, be safe, and get these symptoms checked out, then keep me posted? I'm concerned about you.

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Answered by Teri Robert