Limbus Vertebrae At L5


Asked by Farsad Fotouhi

Limbus Vertebrae At L5

Recently, I was diagnosed with the following (Radiology Report): "There are degenerative changes of the end-plate. There is a limbus vertebrae at L5, a chronic finding. There is evidence of acute compression deformity or subluxation. A small limbus vertebrae is also seen at L4. End plate spurring is present. There are mild degenerative changes of the facets".

Would someone please explain what this means. Do I need surgery? Being an aggressive runner for many years, the lower back pain has had a major impact in my running.

Thank you for your kind response.


Hi Farsad, welcome...We are an osteoporosis site and don't handle orthopedic questions. Since you've had this test done already can you see the Dr. that ordered it and ask what the medical recommendation is? The Dr. needs to see the actual film (usually) and then the written report and will give you the diagnosis.

From my years of experience with spinal problems all I can add is a limbus vertebra is one that involves a anterior herniated disc, and subluxation can be a incomplete or partial dislocation at L5/L4 level, but verify this to be sure. Talk to your Dr. about treatment; but I wouldn't automatically assume it entails surgery, unless that is what the Dr. feels is warranted.

Herniated Disc definition/explanation:

Good luck...

Answered by Pam Flores