Is There A Link Between Hypomania And Narcissim


Asked by Lucia Howarth

Is There A Link Between Hypomania And Narcissim

As a wife at the end of my tether I have done a lot of research on the net and thought my husband was a classic, box-ticking narcissist. After I finally and spectacularly lost my rag with him I suggested he looked up Narcissism....I was surprised he did, all credit to him for that, but he found on a link that he identified with Hypomania.

I have endured years of verbal abuse, his grandiosity, ego smoothing and 'head patting' for every single achievment (large or small - and he's the only achiever in the household, of course!) He is like a 50yr old Enfant Terrible; he doesn't seem to have exited the School Playground.

Unlike what I've read in narcissim, he does feel emotion and love, (he definitely loves his children, no doubt there) but his favourite topic is himself. And it gets very boring after all these years that I cannot have a normal conversation about anything because he is so superior. A real conversation killer and he will ALWAYS very quickly turn the subject back to himself. He is VERY intelligent but doesn't have 'normal' academic qualifications but in company with his more successful peers he is fantastically charming and charismatic. I get the monster Mr Hyde whilst everyone else gets charming Dr Jekyll. I am sick of the misery. I am still attractive at 50, well educated, have lots of skills, creatively, and no dummy (although I have been called this). Does anyone out there think that the two disorders can be related? Thank You.

P.S. We wouldn't have lasted 17 years if I was thick. I've just re-read this....maybe I am thick, after all, for putting up with it!? No, he says I have 'SUCKER' tattooed on my forehead; but if that is how someone who is honest and loving is described, then God Help Us All.


Hi Lucia,

Interesting question. There does appear to be a link between hypomania and narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). As measured, people in the manic phase of bipolar share most of the features associated with NPD. There is also some chatter, that you've probably come across in your internet search, over whether diagnosis of NPD may be confused with bipolar.

Whether knowing any of this actually helps with your relationship issues is a different matter, but I guess it may at least help to explain why things are sometimes the way they are. You sound pretty exhausted by the whole thing so it's good you are starting to reach out for some additional help and support.

Answered by Jerry Kennard, Ph.D., CPsychol., AFBPsS