Liquid Discharge


Asked by Jane

Liquid Discharge

Clear liquid almost always comes out of my boobs and when it dries up its like greenish-yellow. The liquid doesn't come from my nipple but from my areola. And my areola is flaky and dry when liquid isn't coming out, is this normal?


Jane, many women have some discharge, especially when their bodies are producing more hormones such as during puberty or pregnancy. Some medications can also increase discharge. Surrounding your nipples are little glands called Montgomery's glands. It sounds like your discharge may be coming from them. Discharge on both sides is unlikely to be cancer related, so you don't need to worry about that.

The kind of constant discharge you are describing does not sound typical, so I would suggest that you talk to your doctor. There may be some sort of underlying hormonal issue that needs to be addressed. Ask about the best kind of moisturizer for your dry skin. I would think that any unscented moisturizer for sensitive skin would probably help, but without knowing the cause of your discharge, I hesitate to suggest even a mild over-the-counter lotion without the doctor's OK. You will also want to read this article about nipple discharge to get more background information.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson