Lithium Orate Vs. Lithium Carbonate?


Asked by Danielle

Lithium Orate Vs. Lithium Carbonate?

Lithium carbonate is the "medication" that is prescribed by doctors. Levels border on toxic, even when "stable"(by medical standards) due to the body's inability to naturally absorb the drug. When taken long term, the drug can cause kidney disease.

Lithium orate, an alkali metal "mineral" is easily affordable, has numerous benefits for the body, does not need to be monitored, and helps stabilize people with bi-polar disorder without the host of side effects.

Why would you take the doctor prescribed?


Hi, Danielle. I fully endorse knowthyself's answer. We have highly inflated claims and a lot of unethical marketing from the manufacturers of lithium orotate. Years ago, I specifically asked one manufacturer if they had any clinical trial results to back their claims. Their representative told me yes. When I asked to see the studies they could produce nothing.

By contrast, lithium carbonate is by far the most studied drug for treating bipolar. Mogens Schou published exhaustive studies in the early 60s, and numerous others have followed suit.

Over the years, as we have learned more about managing bipolar, therapeutic doses have come down, to about half what they used to be, so the toxicity issue isn't what it used to be, especially if you find the right doctor.

Mogens Schou did a study of lithium orotate on rats. The rats incurred excessive renal damage. Perhaps had he used much smaller doses like manufacturers recommend, this would not have happened. But the bottom line is there have been no tests on humans. We really do not know the optimum doses, either for safety or therapeutic purposes.

So - you can go with the most studied bipolar med, recommended by doctors, or you can go with an alternative with no proven efficacy, backed by questionable manufacturers out to make a buck.

Hope this helps -

Answered by John McManamy