Can They Live Alone If Necessary?


Asked by mary

Can They Live Alone If Necessary?

Can they live in an apartment alone without people helping them?


I have schizophrenia and I've lived alone for 20 years and right now I'm buying a co-op so that is a possible for someone who has money to do.

Your loved one or whoever you're referring too if he or she collects a government disability check might benefit from supportive housing where there is a case manager and the rent is 1/3 of the income so it's cheaper.

Your local NAMI will know about supportive housing. Call (800) 950-NAMI (6264) to find the name and phone number of your local chapter.

If at all you have a sizable amount of money and are concerned about your loved one living alone after you die you need to set up a special needs trust for your son or daughter. The NAMI web site offer a special needs trust primer.

The thing to remember is: when a person lives alone he or she needs to remember to take their SZ medication every day as prescribed as well as any other medication or vitamins.



Answered by Christina Bruni