Live Discussion: ADHD Family Solutions


A Treatment Team Live Discussion with Dr. Mark Bertin


Dr. Mark Bertin is a board-certified developmental behavioral pediatrician and Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at New York Medical College. He is a frequent lecturer for parents, teachers and professionals on topics related to child development.  Dr. Bertin also authored “The Family ADHD Solution: A Scientific Approach to Maximizing Your Child’s Attention While Minimizing Parents’ Stress.”

On September 8, as the second guest in HealthCentral’s ADHD Treatment Team Live Discussion series, Dr. Bertin answered your questions about behavioral, medical and educational approaches for ensuring your ADHD child’s academic and social success, as well as how to reduce family stress.

Follow the give and take of that discussion in the transcript below.

The ADHD Treatment Team includes four experts who covering different aspects of helping your ADHD child—from how their behavior affects your family to how to ensure that they succeed at school.  A different expert will be available to answer questions during a live discussion each week in September.

The remaining ADHD discussions will feature:

Child Psychiatrist Dr Dorothy Stubbe, Thursday, Sept. 18 at 2 p.m. ET

School Psychologist Paula Gardner, Wednesday, Sept. 24 at 8 p.m. ET

View the transcript below