Living Fit and Fabulous: Cheyanne Lent's Story, Part 1

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Cheyanne has gone from 260-lbs to 175-lbs and maintained her weight loss by making healthy lifestyle choices.

Growing up, Cheyanne Lent was like most kids. She had dreams and ambition. She played sports. And she ate a lot of processed convenience foods. Despite being active, Cheyanne's weight soared in high school. So it must have been what she was eating that caused her to weigh 260 lbs. in college.

Cheyanne reached a turning point not all that long after graduating. She made the conscious decision to eat right and lose her excess weight. Three years later, Cheyanne has maintained a weight loss of nearly 100 lbs. Nowadays she pursues her childhood dream of being an actress.

But her story doesn't end there. Cheyanne also inspires people to lose weight through her Living Fit and Fabulous in LA YouTube channel and Facebook. With an ear-to-ear smile, bright eyes, and high-spirited personality, Cheyanne may indeed make you one of the converted. You just might get motivated to take control of your health and your life.

My Bariatric Life: Cheyanne, you developed obesity in high school and your weight climbed from then on. What was the tipping point that led you to lose the weight?** Cheyanne Lent:** I finally realized at my college graduation, while thinking over my future, that my weight was truly holding me back from the life I wanted to live. I wanted to pursue my dream of being an actress in Hollywood, but I would be type casted in roles that were for heavy girls only, if getting any roles at all. I wanted to run a marathon, but I could barely run a 1/2 mile without tiring myself out. I wanted to get married and have children, yet I didn't know how to properly love and take care of myself, let alone other people. I had many wake-up calls, including one where I was at Sea World and I couldn't fit in a regular sized roller coaster seat. I had to stand there with my best guy friend, Justyn, in embarrassment as they waited for the next track to come around with the "big man" seat. I stood there and realized my love of food was taking away my love of life. I couldn't even enjoy a day at a theme park without it getting in the way I wanted to be the woman I've always known was inside... fun, fabulous and vivacious!

MBL: Please tell us what it was like to be obese in high school.** CL:** My body has been "big" for as long as I can remember, however, I've also been blessed with an equally as "BIG" personality. In high school, I wasn't made fun of, at least in a consistent manner, because of my weight. I was very fortunate to have lots of friends, play on five different sports teams - softball, volleyball, basketball, swimming & track - and even become Student Government President.

It wasn't until I moved to Florida, from Central New York, my sophomore year, to a place where no one knew me,  that I had my first bits of ridicule. Some students used to taunt me by yelling things out the bus windows at me. And of course, the plague that effects almost ALL overweight teens in high school, I was constantly put in the "friend zone." I had lots of guy friends but never any who wanted to be my boyfriend. I've always had a natural attraction to strength, leadership... athletes! I was always their friend who could get them "details" on other girls. All I ever wanted to be was THEE girl!

What's really great about life being full circle, is that now I am "re-connecting" with several of these guys on Facebook and they've all exclaimed over how amazing I look! If only my "high school self" could see me now.... having these boys' attentions! WOW! She wouldn't believe it!

MBL: Did your weight loss affect the way people treat you? The way you feel about yourself?** CL:** YES! People HAVE treated me differently - what's awesome is so much of me hasn't changed, but the parts that have, have only gotten better. I definitely have more men notice me - which is fun since I've never had that before in my life! I feel like I am a teenager all over again! I am constantly walking around with happy butterflies in my stomach.

I also see that people admire my physical accomplishments and come to me for workout advice - that means so much! I've always loved sports and playing them. However, no one used to listen to me before but now they can actually TELL I know what I'm talking about! I've become more confident in myself; more aware of my weaknesses and pitfalls; I take more challenges and risks in life, and love people unconditionally!

MBL: How else is your life different today compared to when you were obese?** CL:** I have WAY more energy! I remember in college feeling satisfied with a mile walk around my dorm - now I am more content with 4-5 miles, and running most of them! I feel fit and stronger! Physically, I am loving my shape more and even bought my FIRST BIKINI EVER!

Shopping is finally getting easier too! I don't have to wear only stretch pants anymore! I love wearing clothes that fit me. Emotionally, I am able to love myself more completely! When I make the right choices with food, I am truly loving myself and giving myself "permission" to be the best version of myself. I can confidently love and give to others more freely now!

MBL: What was your favorite WOW moment after your transformation?** CL:** I still remember the moment I first saw my COLLAR BONE! I was like, WOW! Where was THAT all these years? I must have stared in the mirror for 20 minutes - and looked at every angle. I also loved the moment I stepped on the scale and was finally less than my dad! It was 206 pounds - my dad and I weighed in next to each other and I leapt in victory! I still am waiting for that bikini moment on the beach - hopefully it'll happen soon when I get to my goal weight of 150 pounds!

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