How Long Does Adderall Stay In Your Breastmilk?


Asked by twinmomma

How Long Does Adderall Stay In Your Breastmilk?

Well after 3 days of trying adderall I have decided to just wait. I was taking concerta and still nursing my 13 month old 1x a day in the AM but the concerta started to make me sleepy. So we went to try the adderall XR 20mg 1x a day but then I didn't sleep. I did calm down though-so yesterday took my 20, but got a RX for 10 mg and took that today and just felt nothing other then tired. I am just very frustrated. I have such guilt about not nursing anymore so I think I am just going to stop taking the meds for now.The only reason why I started taking them again was to help with going back to get my RN. I have been pumping that one time in morning and dumping.....Could I possibly nurse him tomorrow morning? around 9? My last dose was today at 8 am.........

I am sorry that I am rambling but I just feel kinda of like a mess. I am tired and loopy... part of me wonders if I should just try the 15mg tomorrow and see what happens but I really miss nursing him too and I just feel like poop right now.... is there anything out there that is natural that I could try? I know it seems like a lot of the stuff isn't worth the $


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It is impossible to say exactly how long a medication will stay in your system because everyone metabolizes medication at a different rate.

The medication may be out of your system in as little as two days and as long as 10 days.


Answered by Eileen Bailey