How Long Does It Take To Improve From Vitamin D Deficiency?


Asked by Lisa Emrich

How Long Does It Take To Improve From Vitamin D Deficiency?

Last week my internist checked my Vitamin D levels in addition to TSH levels. My vitamin D level came in at 7.8 ng/mL(on a recommended range of 32-100 values), rather low to non-existent (above 50 is desired). TSH was 5.1. Symptoms associated with both of these results include fatigue, malaise, brain fog, numbness, muscle pain, and depression.

Physical symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include the following in muscles - mild/moderate weakness (arms > legs), pain/achiness, spasticity/cramps, and wasting. Numbness/tingling is also common. Sounds a lot like my recent MS symptoms.

My question is: For those who have been vitamin D deficient and started supplemental therapy, how long was it before some of these symptoms improved or resolved?

Any advice or encouragement welcome. I am one sad, tired, achy, numb, spastic, weak, brain dead person these days.


After sharing your question with Dr. Gross, he had the following to share regarding vitamin D deficiency and hypocalcemia (low calcium):

"I can't comment on any specific person's case but I would say in general, if you have low Vitamin D, you certainly should know whether you have a malabsorption problem. It is also critical to know whether you have hypocalcemia, as calcium levels are in part influenced by Vitamin D levels. Hypocalcemia rather than low Vitamin D titres is more typically associated with neurological signs and symptoms (some of which can be seen in MS).

You know, mass screening is not the answer to so many medical conditions, but in MS (just as in Sarcoid), I would advocate determination of Vitamin D and calcium levels from every person in the United States with these conditions. We then can stop circling the wagons with the conjectures and the lukewarm assessments about the importance of the Vitamin D matter and get going on the way to making some clear links between Vitamin D and disorders like MS and Sarcoid and ascertain the role for this vitamin in preventing and/or treating these diseases." -Dr. Ken Gross
I have never had my Vitamin D levels checked...should we routinely be doing this if we have MS?

Hope you feel better soon.

(response updated June 10, 2015)

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