How Long Does It Take For Lymph Nodes To Go Down?


Asked by Paige

How Long Does It Take For Lymph Nodes To Go Down?

It has been 1 week and 5 days and its still there...any recommendations on how to get it to go down quicker? Also, does stress cause these things to stay longer, bc it really has affected my every day life :( Im only 26 and dont want breast cancer. I keep reading things that say painless lumps are more chances of it becoming cancer. I love this website and will definitley reccomend it to others but just wanted to stop stressing. I just got married and moved from another state so wanted to see if its related to stress? Thank you so much and God Bless!


Stress is most definitely a factor in every aspect of your body. Also infections of any kind can be the culprit. Have you been sick with just a minor cold recently or even had something more serious recently? Antibiotics could help reduce the size back to normal if it swelled due to infection. Lymph nodes not only transports nutrients through the body but they also collect bacteria and waste. You can read an article here. Some people also just have larger lymph nodes than the average person. I know this as my mom went through extensive testing for 2 years before her doctor concluded that she just had larger nodes than most. Hers fluciuated from large to extra large. Her doctor was concerned that she might have had one of the cancers associated with lymph nodes, but her results were always negative. There are so many factors as to why your nodes could be swollen. I would reccomend monitoring it and speaking with your doctor to find out at what point he/she would like to follow up about it. Your doctor can perform many different diagnostic tests - don't be afraid to push for further answers should you not feel satisfied.

Good luck!