How Long Does It Take Your Pain To Come Back When You Have To Take A Break From Methotrexate?


Asked by Lisa Emrich

How Long Does It Take Your Pain To Come Back When You Have To Take A Break From Methotrexate?

The last dose of MTX I had was July 22 because the following week I was put on two antibiotics for a bout of diverticulitis. I was fortunate that it wasn't an appendicitis.

This past week has been increasingly tortuous. The pain started coming back in my feet and hands. My hips and shoulders joined in, and I'm fatigued physically and mentally. The last dose of the antibiotics was taken last night and tonight I'm jumping back in with the methotrexate.

I hope that things get back under control quickly. At least this confirms that the methotrexate really does do a good job in keeping my RA in check.

Has anybody else experienced something similar when they had to go off MTX temporarily?


Hi, Lisa,

I skipped a dose of MTX a month or so ago because my stomach was really messed up. I take my MTX on Fridays. By Thursday of the next week, I was miserable and took the afternoon off from work. I was amazed because I didn't realize the MTX was helping that much. I skipped my dose of MTX last night becasue I have a sinus infections and my throat was an aboslute mess. It is getting better today.....I had nasty white looking blisters all over my throat, but only a couple there today...but I know I am going to suffer next week becasue I didn't take the MTX. BTW, what antibiotics did you take, if you don't mind my asking? I usually take sulpha drug, but my rheumy said no sulpha drugs if I am taking MTX. I am going to have to get some anitbiotcs Monday and I am allergic to Penicillan, E-Mycin, Keflect, Tetraclycline, etc. I have no idea what I will end up with. I am glad you are feeling better and that it was't appendicitis. Diverticulitis is no picnic, though. Hope you feel better soon!


Answered by Vanessa Collins