How long Does Sciatica Usually last?


Asked by giantdave6

How long does sciatica usually last? Is it considered chronic? I've been suffering badly for over a month now, and it just won't seem to go away. I'm taking Naproxen and Endocet for pain, but even with that, it still hurts just about all the time.


My understanding is that most cases of sciatica are resolved within a couple of months. For some people it can become a chronic condition.

My problems with sciatica - which were mild - were greatly helped by doing stretching exercises I found in a book by Egoscue. There are also stretches on the web you can try for sciatica. Always check with your doctor first; there are different kinds of 'sciatica' and some stretches will work for one type and not another.

Often in sciatica nerves in the lower back become compressed and inflamed and shoot pain signals to your buttocks and leg. Your doctor gave you Naproxen in an attempt to stop that inflammation. This often works because its the inflammation itself rather than the injury that is causing you so much pain. If the medication can get your immune system to settle down then your pain will diminish greatly. Good luck!

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