How Long Does It Take Seroquel Xr To Make You Drowsy?


Asked by BDinNC

How Long Does It Take Seroquel Xr To Make You Drowsy?

I've been on regular seroquel 100 mg every night for bipolar and to help me with my insomnia, now my doctor switched me to seroquel xr 300 mg to be taken at night...and I took it for the first time tonight at 11:30pm and it's now 1:16am and I'm still not sleepy at all. So I would just like to know how long it takes to kick in, because during the weekday I have to be at work early in the am and I'm used to taking my regular seroquel at 7pm and falling asleep around 8pm and waking up to get ready for work around 4:30am. So that I can know what time to take it during the weekday evenings and be able to determine whether or not it will have me asleep by 8pm during the weekday only. And my doctor also told me that for a few weeks I will be extremely sleepy, but it will go away, is this true? Thanks for any comments....


Hi BD:

Seroquel XR is a delayed release medication, so it typically doesn't hit a patient as hard in the beginning of the dose that the earlier forms of Seroquel does. That being said, I would ask your doctor how long it should take for you to get drowsy.

The patients I have who take this medication say that they are asleep within about 30 minutes, but they are often on other medications such as pain meds, etc.

Please consider calling your doctor's office to see what he says, and express your concern. He may have another suggestion.

Hope this helps,

Dr. Diana Walcutt

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