How Long Does Simponi Take To Work?


Asked by Pink_Moose_Princess

How Long Does Simponi Take To Work?

Just had my first Simponi Shot on Tuesday. Any idea how long it takes to really work? (Yeah - I know I am under 48 hours from when I had the shot, but I want it to work so much... I'm becoming truly neurotic from all the pain!! )

I think Simponi is helping a little already. My left hand, knees, shoulders are less bad and I slept better last night - still stressing about pain though.


(On MTX - 25 subq/ wk, Folic A. 3mg/day, HCQ 400/day, Celebrex 400/day and now Simponi 50mg/month)


Hi, Pink,

Unfortunatley, there is not one easy answer to your question. Most RA meds take a while to work...3 months, generally. On the other hand, some people see results much quicker than that. We all react to meds differently. I know after my first Orencia infusion, I felt better and my swelling decreased. I hope Simponi works well for you. Let us know how you are doing.



Answered by Vanessa Collins