How Long Does The Stages Last


Asked by judy

How Long Does The Stages Last

My mom is in the third stage but she has been the same for months and don't get me wrong I am glad but sometimes I wonder If she has Alzheimers and It my just be wishfull thinking.


Hi Judy,

I've heard of people living with Alzheimer's for 20 years, but most live about eight to ten. The stages can vary just as much. As CJ says, your doctor is the one to ask, because everyone is different. However, don't borrow trouble. If your mother is doing well, and if the doctor has prescribed medication that helps her, this could last for awhile. Enjoy the breather. Yes, you know it will get worse, but this is a case of a day at a time. Try to grab the good times when you can. Work closely with her doctor and use medications, if they are prescribed, that have helped many stave off the worst of the disease symptoms.

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