How Long Should It Take For My Heart Rate To Go Back To Resting Rate?


Asked by SassySimpson

How Long Should It Take For My Heart Rate To Go Back To Resting Rate?

Before excercising my resting pulse was 81. 15 minutes after using the elliptical I took my pulse and it was 115. 2 minutes later 110 bpm, 4 minutes later 102,6 minutes later 94, 12 min later 90 bpm. I currently take 1/2 a dose metoprolol succ er 25mg daily. My BP has been about perfect. Last reading 128/64 it was 114/66 before starting. Is my heart returning to normal as it should? I take the medicine for unspecified tachycardia. I'm slightly overweight and out of shape but I have been excercising several times a week for over a month. Thank you in advance for answering my question. Also I'm a 36yoa female. I also have MVP and tricuspid regergitation not serious.


Hi SassySimpson,

Typically, you should see a 20 bpm drop in your heart rate the first minute after stopping exercise. Make sure that you measure your heart rate a few seconds before you stop exercising, not right after stopping for more accuracy. The fitter you are, the faster your heart rate will recover. Ask your physician how your medications play a role in your heart rate recovery, what your target heart rate should be at this time and if it is a concern that your heart rate may not be recovering as expected.

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Karen McPartland, RD