How long Do I Need to Be off Maxalt Before Trying to Get Pregnant?


Asked by Faith

How Long Do I Need To Stay Drug Free Of Maxalt Before I Try To Get Pregnant?

I was able to stay off of Maxalt for about a month and then I started to get migraines on a daily basis. I tried to go without it and ended up with the worst headache of my life! My dr said to go ahead and take it until I find out that I am pregnant. I am not alright with that. I have not started to try to get pregnant. I need peace of mind knowing that drugs (MAxalt) is not in my system. I do not know what to do. I can't seem to go without it. Over the counter drugs do not even touch the headaches. Is there anything out there that is safe to take? How long does it take to have the Maxalt completely out of my system?


Hi Faith,

There really isn't have very good information on the effects of triptans such Maxalt and pregnancy. Your OB and Migraine doctor should consult with each other to find the appropriate treatment for you.

How often are you taking Maxalt? This drug is an abortive medication, meaning it stops a Migraine attack - not prevents one.

Using this type of medication, certain prescription and OTC's more than two to three days a week may create another type of headache called Medication Overuse Headache, MOH. The only way to stop MOH is to stop the offending drug.

For more information on MOH click HERE.

Good luck


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