How Long Can I Take 100 Mg Of Prometrium I Am 55


Asked by Debby

How Long Can I Take 100 Mg Of Prometrium I Am 55

I have been taking 100 mg of prometrium every second nite for over 10 years for menopause symptoms, they have been wonderful for mood swings and helping with sleep, I do not take any other hormones, ie: estrogen, with them. My family doctor says I should be off them, my gyno says I can take them foreever, I am confused about what to do, are they a risk factor by themselves for heart and stroke problems? I am also taking Micardis and Lipitor. Thank you, Debby


I side with your gynecologist, Debby. There is no research literature that shows you need to be off progesterone after a given period of time. It does not increase your risk for heart attack and stroke. So keep those good moods and sleep going. My patients think progesterone is worth its weight in gold!


Answered by Sandy Greenquist