How Long Can Sperm Survive Outside The Body?


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How Long Can Sperm Survive Outside The Body?

Is it possible to transfer sperm from a penis that has recently ejaculated onto the outside of a condom and thus risk pregnancy from the transfer? How long can sperm live outside the body?


The American Pregnancy Association states that once sperm is dry it is dead. Sperm cannot be brought back to life by being re-moistened. So if the sperm has dried it is not going to get anyone pregnant.

Experts have differing estimates on how long sperm can live outside the man's body. Some report it can be up to five days if the sperm stays within a warm moist environment, such as a woman's cervix.  But outside of the human body, sperm have a much shorter existence, from 20 minutes to an hour, depending on such factors as exposure to air and humidity.

So basically if the sperm is dry then there is no chance for pregnancy, but if you have ejaculate on your hands which is not dry or washed off completely and you get that ejaculate anywhere near your female partner's vagina, then there may be a slight risk for pregnancy.

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