How Long To Stay On Low-residue Diet After Diverticulitis?


Asked by NJJones

How Long To Stay On Low-residue Diet After Diverticulitis?

A week ago I was in the hospital for diverticulitis. They gave me antibiotics and clear liquids. Since I have been home I have started backs on a few low residue foods. How long do I need to stay on a low residue diet? I have been feeling very weak since the diverticulitis and am still on antibiotics. I am not sure if the weakness is due to not eating much food or the antibiotics.

Norma Jean


Hi Norma Jean, Sorry to hear you've been in the hospital. It's different for everyone. But usually, most people stay on the low-residue diet until their most bothersome symptoms (i.e. diarrhea, cramps, etc.) subside. I'd imagine you are feeling weak simply from being ill and living on clear liquids for a week. It will take your body some time to heal and get used to eating solid food again. I found bananas, rice, toast, applesauce, scrambled eggs, yogurt, and baked white fish to be easy on the gut and nutritious. Hope you're feeling better soon, Elizabeth

Answered by Elizabeth Roberts