Long Term Effects Of Bell's Palsy


Asked by pahunt

Long Term Effects Of Bell's Palsy

why isn't there more information and research on bell's palsy? I got it 5 1/2years ago, and still have symptoms. my face is still not right on the left side. I have met so many people who have had it or know someone who has it or had it. I don't believe it's as rare as what is reported. It effects my speech, and the way the left side of my face "works" my left eye closes when I eat or do other things. my eye waters, especially when I eat, and I just have this weird feeling on that side of my face all the time. Why have the symptoms lasted so long? is it stress? When I got it, the Dr. said it was stress related. now, my left eyelid seems to droop a little more over time. I'm afraid it'll close all together. I'm scared I will have other problems with that eye. There are no answers to these questions, and I feel really lost when trying to find out what the effects of having this for so long could be. any info would be appreciated. I was only treated with steroids and anti viral ( I think ) meds when I got it. I didn't have any testing or anything else. that's all I had as far as treatment.


Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with bell's palsy and we do not have information on that topic here at AnxietyConnection.com.

I did find the following information: Bell's Palsy and you may be able to find more at HighBloodPressureConnection.com

I am sorry I could not be more helpful.


Answered by Eileen Bailey