Longevity Is Limited, Study

According to a new study, there is a limit to how long humans can live—although that limit is difficult to predict. The longest life documented was 122 years, and that record is not likely to be broken, according to researchers who analyzed information from the Human Mortality Database. The database contains information about how long people have lived for the past several decades in multiple countries throughout the world.

Researchers found that the numbers of people living to at least 70 in more than 40 countries has increased since 1900. However, the highest survival rates in the oldest age groups peaked in about 1980, and has since remained about the same—suggesting there’s a natural limit to the human lifespan. Also, in countries with the highest number of people living longer than 110 years, the maximum reported age at death increased until the 1990s, but has decreased slightly since then.

Researchers say human life could possibly be extended. In animal studies, scientists have been able to extend life expectancy.

Sourced from: Live Science, Humans May Have Reached Maximum Life Span