Looking at Nature Can Boost Concentration

According to a study by researchers from the University of Melbourne in Australia, taking very short “microbreaks,” during which a person glances outside towards some natural setting may help boost their concentration significantly.

To conduct their study, researchers assessed the performance of 150 students carrying out a boring mental task in a city office block. The students were given a 40-second microbreak in the middle of the task where they could look at a rooftop scene. For half of the students, the view was of a green flowering meadow rooftop. For the other half, the view was of a bare concrete roof.

According to the results, the students who took the scenic microbreak compared to those who viewed the concrete rooftop made significantly fewer mistakes and showed better concentration in the second half of the boring task. The team emphasizes the importance of microbreaks and how more green roofs would not only benefit the environment, but also on today’s workforce.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Views of grassy rooftops boost concentration