Lose My Erection Just Before I Ejaculate


Asked by Andrei

Lose My Erection Just Before I Ejaculate

I am a 56 years old, just before I ejaculate I lose my erection. I also am producing less semen then I was only a few years ago.

This happens when I masturbate or with my wife.

This has gone from a once in a while problem,to a much to often problem.

Is this something that happens with age?


Hi Andrei

An erection occurs as a result of sexual excitement and/or physical stimulation. The fact that you are losing your erection prior to ejaculation suggests you are unable to sustain the level of arousal for some reason. As this is happening more frequently it sounds like something of a vicious circle. The more concerned you are that it may happen, the more it does.

You don't say how long you are able to sustain an erection. Equally, there may be things going on in your life (anxiety, stress, medications, lifestyle issues) that could be affecting or distracting you? Has sex become a chore? Is it regular or irregular? There are any number of questions that could be asked. I wonder if you have any particular views yourself?

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