I Have Lost Sensation In My Vaginal Region. What Can I Do To Help It Come Back???


Asked by Lady Wolf Dancer

I Have Lost Sensation In My Vaginal Region. What Can I Do To Help It Come Back???

I am 38 and was diagnoised with RRMS in 2001. Not currently taken any medication. About 2 weeks ago, I realized I had lost sensation.


Hi Lady,

MS can be a cruel beast, taking away sensation and causing numbness in vital areas of the body. I've experienced this same thing and didn't realize how bad it had gotten until I underwent steroids for an exacerbation. Suddenly, sensations came back and life seemed good again.

There is some great information out there related to Sex and Intimacy for MSers. Here is a collection of articles, MS vs. Good Sex, published by the National MS Society in last summer's Momentum Magazine.

Here is a brochure, Intimacy and Sexuality in MS, which is also published by NMSS. The following is an excerpt from this brochure which discusses strategies to overcome sensory changes:

Sensory changes like numbness, which sometimes occur in the vaginal area, can make intercourse uncomfortable or interfere with orgasm. Medications such as phenytoin and carbamazepine may reduce sensory discomfort. Gently rubbing the genital area with a gel cold pack or even a bag of frozen peas can also reduce discomfort.

Increasing stimulation to the genital area can help overcome numbness. In some cases, oral or manual stimulation of the clitoris will be enough to enable a woman to achieve orgasm.

If this is not sufficient, vibrators and other sex toys may provide even greater stimulation. Th ere are many kinds of vibrators available at adult novelty stores and through mail-order catalogs. Some couples may enjoy the small egg-shaped vibrators made to be worn during intercourse. There is also a device called EROS-CTD—consisting of a soft cup to be placed over the clitoris and a palm-sized vacuum pump that draws blood into this tissue, increasing arousal.

Answered by Lisa Emrich