Are Loud, Strong Heartbeats Something To Worry About?


Asked by sally37

Are Loud, Strong Heartbeats Something To Worry About?

I have recently been experiencing loud, strong heartbeats that wake me up at night. I can usually slow it down by taking long, slow deep breaths from the gut. There is no pain or fluttering. Sometimes during the day this happens too. Is this serious? I am a 71 year old female, healthy and fairly active, not overweight, don't smoke or drink excessively.


hello sally37

There are many reasons a heart may beat stronger than usual, and many of them are either nothing to worry about, or unexplainable. However, because sometimes they are a concern, it is advisable to consult your doctor. One option to keep in mind when you visit your doctor is a heart stress test; sometimes called a treadmill test. This is a fairly reliable way to test if your heart is in good working order. They will have you walk on a treadmill for a given amount of time and measure your heart as it is made to work.

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