Is A Low Grade Fever With Fatigue Normal?


Asked by theresag79

Is A Low Grade Fever With Fatigue Normal?

I have been dx with MS. I have noticed a lot of the times when I have "the fatigue" I have a low grade fever of about 99.3-99.9 Is that normal?


Hi Theresa,

I see that lots of folks have been by to answer your question and you've received some great responses. I'm gonna go at this a different way.

When your body is running at a higher temperature, it can contribute to the nerve signals moving more slowly. This slowed down communication within the central nervous system can most certainly contribute to the overwhelming fatigue which is so common for us MSers.

I've noticed that since diagnosis, or since beginning DMD treatment, that I tend to be much more sensitive to heat, both external and internal. Any elevation in temp wipes me out but I'm not necessarily running a fever.

Also, I'm a fan of Ibuprofen when it comes to pain, but for fevers, Tylenol is the only thing which will bring it down. Have you tried bringing it down with Tylenol? Or maybe grabbing a bag of frozen veggies to hold against your torso or head? Those things help me.

Answered by Lisa Emrich