Lower Back Pain


Asked by rosebud

Lower Back Pain

If I have lower back pain and pain going down my legs with stiffness and swelling in the lower back. What could be done to relieve the pain? I have been to doctors and I know that I have degenerative disc disorder, but the doctor said that my spine looks good. I just have this continuous pain and swelling. Please help me understand what I can do to relieve this pain.


At the age of 29, I began having terrible back pain with pain down my leg. My MRI showed disc degeneration and herniations/bulges. Three epidurals later, I learned that getting better was a matter of improving my physical health. The physical therapists taught me an exercise program that I have stuck with for over 10 years. And lately I have been enjoying even more pain relief with an improved diet, an Anti-Inflammatory Diet.

Ultimately, pain is an indicator that something, usually your health, needs to change.

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Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Answered by Christina Lasich, MD