Lower Back Pain That Radiates To Hips?


Asked by Katherine

Lower Back Pain That Radiates To Hips?

I've had lower back pain for a while, but recently I've been having alot of pain on both sides of my hips. It's hard for me to walk and it's affecting my ability to work. I can't lay on my back anymore, and I wake up a lot throughout the night due to the pain in my hips. X-rays show that I have some spinal degeneration and arthitis, but the pain medications don't seem to really treat the issue. Does anyone have advice?



I'm sorry you're in such pain. One of the worst things about back pain is that we're all likely to limit our movement in order to try to be pain free, but over time that also means we become less flexible. Lower back pain is notorious for also causing hip-related pain, and ultimately being more active and flexible will be helpful. It can be tough to get moving when you're already sore, but if your doctor has prescribed pain medications that help, you might try some gentle stretching during the times when it is least painful. Many places offer gentle yoga or yoga for pain management, and those might be worth considering as well. Good luck to you, and as always, talk to your doctor before starting any activity that may stress your back.