How Do I Lower my Total Cholesterol?


Asked by JAJ2009

How Do I Lower My Total Cholesterol, It Is 208, But Hdl-69, Ldl-108, Trig-31.

I have been trying since going through menopause to get below 200 via diet/exercise. I do not know what else to change in my lifestyle. Any suggestions?I stay away from trans fats, sat fats, have been cooking with olive oil, canola oils for years now. No donuts, heavy cream items or milk chocolates. If I have chocolate it has been a small amount of dark. I try to eat whole grains and watch for any partially hydrogenated fats in the ingredient of anything I buy. Is it possible that I may not be able to make my cholesterol drop without medication?


Hi JAJ2009,

Your cholesterol levels look good and I do not recommend focusing so much on lowering your total cholesterol to below 200. It may be beneficial to get a comprehensive lipid profile to make sure your LDL and HDL particle sizes are within normal ranges, but otherwise your numbers look good as do the diet and lifestyle changes you've made and stick to. One option for a comprehensive lipid panel is the Lipoprotein Particle Profile offered by Spectra Cell Laboratories. Mostlikely your physician will tell you it's not necessary, but if you want peace of mind this will clearly tell you if you have anything to be worried about related to cholesterol levels.

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Lisa Nelson RD

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