Lump On Head From Tension Head Ache?


Asked by Michelle154

Lump On Head From Tension Head Ache?

Hello, I've been having tension headaches for the past 2 months. They are not very painful, and with Advil the pain goes away. However, I can still feel the tingling up the back of my head and a bit of pressure on the left side of my temple. Recently, I felt a small lump on the top left side of my head. Is this another symptom of tension headaches? Or is it something I should get checked out? The lump is not sore to the touch at all. I am a 30-year-old woman.



Hi Michelle154,

The lump is a new development and seems unusual. Yes, this is something you should have checked by your doctor. The general rule of thumb is that anytime we have a change in our symptoms or experience new and different ones, it is time to discuss them with our doctor.

Please contact your doctor and let us know how you are feeling,


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Answered by Nancy Harris Bonk