Lump + No Period


Asked by rebecca413

Lump + No Period

A few days ago I found lump in my right breast. It is small--maybe the size of a little gumball. It's hard like one too, and it doesn't move around at all. It's near the top, just by my nipple, on the inner side. Also, a bruise appeared above where it is on my breast.

I've seen on other web sights and forums that I should just wait until my next period to see if it goes away, because it might be hormonal changes...but I haven't gotten my period in 3 months. This is really unusual for me. Since I got my period at 12 (I am 20 now) I haven't skipped a single one. But I know I'm not pregnant because I am not even sexually active.

Could they somehow be related/does the lump sound concernful?


Hi Rebecca - at your age, cancer is incredibly rare; only about 1000 women a year under age 30 are diagnosed in the U.S. (out of a total female population of 150+ million). However, considering you haven't had your period lately, I'd take both of these concerns to your GP, see what s/he says. There's no telling if they're related; but they're definitely out of the norm, and you need to find out what's going on. So make the call, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel