Can A Lump On The Outside Of My Breast Be Cancer?


Asked by Melissa

Can A Lump On The Outside Of My Breast Be Cancer?

I have a lump on the outside of my left breast. It looks like a boil and doesn't hurt, but it's been there for about a month and seems to be getting bigger. Could this be breast cancer?


While highly unlikely, this visible lump could be an early sign of a rare form of breast cancer, inflammatory breast cancer. Since it seems to be getting bigger rather than going away, you'd best have it looked at by a doctor, as you would any breast lump; aside from ruling out cancer, it would be good to find out if this is an infection, a skin condition, or what it is.

Most breast lumps that turn out to be cancer would be in your breast tissue, not on the surface.  There are all kinds of skin conditions that can show up on the breast as well as other areas. So it's unlikely that a lump that looks like a boil is breast cancer. If it's accompanied by redness and swelling, though, you'd want to have the doctor do appropriate tests to rule out inflammatory breast cancer,, as well as to identify and treat any possible infection.

Answered by PJ Hamel