I Have A Lump And Pain In My Rib Cage. Could It Be Cancer?


Asked by kait

I Have A Lump And Pain In My Rib Cage. Could It Be Cancer?

I recently found about a lump on my left side towards the bottom part of my rib cage. It's very hard, mobile, and painless. The whole side of my rib cage seems to be tender. A cyst has already been ruled out. Should I see a specialist?


Kait, when the doctor asked you to keep an eye on this lump, he wanted you to tell him if there were changes. Sometimes the way a lump changes is a big clue to what it is. Because the lump has gotten bigger and you are experiencing increasing rib tenderness, it's time to go back to the doctor. I'm not sure why you are sure that this could not be a sebaceous cyst. Both my husband and I have had them, but they don't always look exactly the same. The stress you are feeling could easily be contributing to your fatigue, so please go back to the doctor. Most likely the lump is not cancer because most lumps are not, but you need to find out for sure.

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