Lump Turned Scab Turned Hole


Asked by Findyfums

Lump Turned Scab Turned Hole

I had a lump the other week and i squeezed it it turned into a yellowish scab now tonight after being in the bath i was wondering why the hell it hadnt gone sooo i picked it and discoverd it was fleshy and there was a sort of hole in the middle so smarty me thinking it was just a spot that needed to be popped still, i got a needle and dug it into the hole expecting it to hit something, but it never it just went straight in, i felt sick watching it because it was so surreal. what is this?


Don't feel bad - I have done this many times, though not on a lump on my breast. I get cystic acne, therefore I poke it with a needle.

Sometimes these spots will appear that seem like they should have puss or something within them, and they don't always. Sometimes what is needed to help clear up a cyst, boil, ingrown hair, or pimple is a good round of antibacterial antibiotics, like Levaquin.

The scab is completely normal cause you squeexed it. It bruised and formed a scab. Put a dot of Bacitricin on it to help it heal and till it does, please try not to pick or squeeze at it.

I would suggest seeing a breast doctor at least so you can get the antibiotics and get confirmation that the spot was nothing to be concerned with. Until then cover it will a bandaid so you can forget about it and allow it to heal.

Good luck!