Lump Or Zit?


Asked by Cindy9515

Lump Or Zit?

Hi, I do a lot of sweating in the cleavage area. I have a small bump for a couple of months. how do I know if its a zit or a lump?


Hi Cindy - I'm guessing you're quite young - teens or early 20s? Please read our message to teens, and our teen guide to breast development; I think both will help you out. If this bump is red/painful, and not rock-hard, it's probably a small skin irritation or an infection. If it's hard, seems fixed in place, and doesn't change - doesn't get larger or smaller, doesn't become red and then fade, isn't painful, then not painful - then it would probably be classified as a lump. If you feel it's a lump, then you probably want to set your mind at ease by seeing a doctor about it, OK? Good luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel