Lumps In Armpits


Asked by Kay1

Lumps In Armpits

I am 20 years old female.

About 2 months ago I found a lump in my right breast, I went to the doctors and he said to come back in 2 weeks so he can feel it again when my cycle has changed.

I did this. He said it is just a cyst, and he seems very confident of his verdict. He said I was able to get it syringed and he can refer me if that is what I wanted but he was happy for me to leave it.

About a week later I had my hospital appointment and they said it wasn't a cyst and I needed an ultrasound to see if it was cancer. It thankfully turned out to be a benign lump. She said I could have it removed but due to having small breasts she wouldn't advice it.

Happy with the outcome I decided to leave it alone.

Then a few weeks later I notice another lump in my armpit. Again I went to the doctors and they said come back in 2 weeks.

One week later, I notice 2 more in my other armpit! I called the doctors and they said I have to go in but I saw the doctors I saw previously who said my first lump was a cyst. He said they are nothing.

I am a bit concerned as that doctor gave me the wrong diagnosis the first time and it feels like I am getting fobbed off due to my age. Also I asked why I need to keep coming back in 2 weeks, he said its for my reassurance and I don't need to go back. However today I noticed thickening in my right armpit and I think another lump as appeared. I just want to know why I am getting these lumps and if it is any concern?

p.s All the lumps do move and they are painless. I occasionally get itching but I don't know if this is a connection with the lumps.


Kay, you are young for breast cancer, but not all that young for some other forms of cancer, such as lymphoma. Armpit lumps need checking out when they persist the way yours have. These could be harmless cysts, swollen lymph nodes fighting an underlying infection that needs treatment, or early signs of cancer. Probably it will all check out OK, but please find a doctor who will do the appropriate tests to make.

Answered by Phyllis Johnson