I Got Lung Damage From Methotrexate.


Asked by BaileyBuffy09@yahoo.

I Got Lung Damage From Methotrexate.

I got lung damage from methotrexate. Stopped it five weeks ago. Will the damage stop where it is? And how long before this drug is out of my body? No one, my Doc Pharmacist seems able to tell me that.


None of us went to questions here are doctors, but answer based on our own experience and whatever knowledge we've managed to pick up. Some questions are best asked of a doctor and unfortunately, this is one of them - I say unfortunately because if your doctor can't tell you, you're kind of stuck there. You may want to consider getting a second opinion or ask for referral to a lung specialist who may be more knowledgeable about this. You don't mention what kind of lung damage you have, so I can't do any research on that, but I truly believe a lung specialist is a much better option than me and Google.

In general, methotrexate takes a couple of months to really kick in, which if you use common sense, could mean that it'll take a couple of months to leave your body, as well. I poked around in Google it little bit and because methotrexate causes severe birth defects, it is generally recommended to wait six months after stopping the medication before trying to conceive, so perhaps that indicates that the margin of safety is six months. It's possible you can use that as an indication of how long it takes for meth to completely be out of your system.

Let us know how things go?

Answered by Lene Andersen, MSW