Can You Take Lyrica With Ibuprofen?


Asked by rose

Can You Take Lyrica With Ibuprofen?

I've been prescribed Lyrica for osteoarthritis. Can I take ibuprofen at the same time?


To my knowledge, ibuprofen and Lyrica do not interact in a negative way. However, if you are taking aspirin to prevent a heart attack or strokes, the ibuprofen can block the protective mechanism of aspirin. Thus, aspirin and ibuprofen should not be taken together if you're taking aspirin for that reason. If you're taking the ibuprofen because the Lyrica is not controlling your pain effectively, you might talk to your doctor about changing the dosage so that it's easing the pain more effectively. Taking large doses of ibuprofen is hard on your liver and can have negative effects on your stomach, as well.

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