Machine turns sweat into drinking water

How far would you go to quench your thirst?  Could you imagine yourself thirsty enough to drink someone else’s sweat?

That’s now possible, thanks to engineers from The Royal Institute in Stockholm, who have created what they call the “Sweat Machine.” It can actually extract human sweat from clothing and turn it into clean drinking water.  They exhibited the machine recently at the Gothia Cup in Gothenburg, an international children’s soccer tournament.

The engineers, who partnered with UNICEF on the project, started with the concept that every drop of water – whether it is cooling liquid, urine or sweat - can be turned into something useful.  And when the machine is done purifying, the output is actually cleaner than a lot of ordinary tap water, according to the scientists.

The truth is, though, that drinking water from sweat will never be mass produced.  First, there are other simpler ways to clean water, such as purifying pills and second, people just don’t sweat enough to produce water in useful quantities.

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Sourced from: Medical News Today, Machine turns human sweat into drinking water