Why Does my Friend Make Grunting Noises All the Ttime?


Asked by Concerned

Makes Noise in Throat (Like Grunting) When Exhaling While Doing Tasks, Concentrating, Etc.

When my friend is doing anything besides sleeping, reading a book or watching T.V. he inhales through his nose and exhales through the mouth making a sound in the back of his throat-like grunting or groaning. It is pronounced if he is doing a task, playing a hand of bridge or anything that takes some concentration or effort. He is on medication for bipolar and anxiety. He is not aware of making this noise. He has been checked thoroughly for physical conditions that might be a cause for this noise and there is nothing physically wrong with him. He is 80 years old.


Thank you for your question.

It sounds as if your friend has taken the necessary steps to be sure this is not causing any harm or is not a signal of something more dangerous. It is possible this is a coping mechanism that your friend is not even aware of.


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