My Mammogram Is Concerning With Shadowing & Inconsistency...


Asked by boots

My Mammogram Is Concerning With Shadowing & Inconsistency...

I'm 43 & other mammograms have came back normal. I had a partial hyst @ 40. The tech doing my mammogram said at time of mammo, that it appears that I have cysts. The dr's office called to set up an appointment for a follow up diagnostic mammogram & an ultrasound. The dr said that they found shadowing with inconsistency, didn't say if it were both or just 1. Dr also said that they may want to do a biopsy with the ultrasound. The hospital is in process of moving so I can't get in for tests till Feb 4. I feel like this is a long wait for something that could be cancer. For the past couple years, I have had breast tenderness & swelling with a brownish thickish discharge with self exam & slight squeezing. I have went from a size DDD to an H in 1 year. I have no family members with breast cancer, although my mother passed away with sudden numbing & paralysis. She woke up with it & we went to ER they said it was a stroke, upon more test discovered Glioblastoma. She had brain surgery to remove it & treatments only to pass away in 2 1/2 months. They said it usually mastisizes from somewhere else before it goes to the brain, usually from breast, but couldn't find any. I have always wondered if she might have had breast cancer but they just didn't see it, now I have this... Please help me with any info you can ...


OK, let's take this one step at a time. First of all, I'm glad you're following through with further diagnostic tests; it's not a good idea to ignore any changes in your breasts, so kudos to you for being vigilant.

If you've had pain and discharge for several years, without either condition quickly growing worse, then neither of these would be likely to signal breast cancer. And swelling in both breasts would likewise not be a typical breast cancer symptom, as it usually causes symptoms in just one breast, not both. Your mother's unfortunate death from brain cancer doesn't put you at added risk for breast cancer; especially since it would have been highly, highly unlikely for her to have metastasized breast cancer without knowing it. Finally, waiting awhile for followup tests isn't unusual; breast cancer is usually quite slow-growing, and if by some unfortunate chance you're diagnosed with breast cancer, a couple of weeks shouldn't make any difference in its course.

So try to stay busy while you wait, and look on the bright side; chances are good you don't have breast cancer, and these tests will put the matter to rest one way or the other. Good luck - I hope you get good results from the tests. PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel