Mammogram Shows A Thickened Area In Right Breast Just Behind Nipple.


Asked by Shana

Mammogram Shows A Thickened Area In Right Breast Just Behind Nipple.

Following a swelling on my left axilla, I had an ultra sound on my left breast and then a mammogram. It turns out that I have about 5 cysts in my left breasts. However, the mammogram has spotted a thickening in the right breast! The report states that they suspect it could be a cyst or fibroadenoma (I think - I don't have a copy of the report). My doctor has sent me for an ultra sound and then to a breast specialist/surgeon to read the results - is this normal and should I be worried. Can they tell the difference between presentationof a cyst or something more worrying from a mammogram? My doctor said at this stage he is not too worried. The reports states that the area is well defined and about 3.4cm.


Hi Shana - Fibrocystic change, which includes both fibroadenomas and cysts, is a condition experienced by many women, particularly pre-menopause, and most particularly in the 20s and 30s. Sounds like your doctor is being proactive here, in ordering further tests to see what this thickening is. A mammogram can't tell the difference between a cyst, or something solid; an ultrasound will do that. If the mass is solid, then they may decide to do a biopsy. But about 85% of biopsies are negative, so the statistics are definitely on your side here. Follow through with your tests and your visit with the breast specialist, and chances are you'll be diagnosed with a fibroadenoma; breast cancer needs to be ruled out, but it's the least likely cause of this. Best of luck - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel