Had A Mammogram Where A Lymph Node Could Be Seen


Asked by lynnsie

Had A Mammogram Where A Lymph Node Could Be Seen

I am 46 have breast fed 9 children over the past 20 years just for some history. I have had regular mammos. for the past 5 years. The left breast had 2 small lymph nodes but after 2 fna's that were negative and almost having them removed discovered they had been there for 14 years with no change. the radiologist the whole time told me they were nothing and looked normal. Anyway when I had another mammo to check on them I saw a lymph node on the right breast. nothing that can be felt but I saw it and questioned the radiologist it was way high up on the film like out of the film almost. He said it is fine and he sees this all the time and can be from anything. I am still worried 7 months later and wondering should I do something else? Please advice as I am sick of worrying about this and presently live in a foriegn country so am feeling even more insecure.


Lynnsie, I'm not sure what you're talking about, as I don't think there are lymph nodes in your breast. If you're talking about something that appears on the mammogram, then the way to see if it's an issue to be addressed is to track and notice any changes, any growth. If something has been on your films (or otherwise in evidence) for 14 years, I would assume it's nothing to worry about. Perhaps this new something has also been there all along, but no one noticed it (or it wasn't visible on film) till now? To set your mind at ease, why not go back and have another mammogram, and/or ultrasound? The mammogram would tell you if there's any change, and the ultrasound could clarify just what you're seeing. I hope, wherever you're living, that they have the facilities to administer these tests. And in the meantime - PLEASE don't worry yourself sick. Take some action; get a second opinion. Worry doesn't move you forward; it doesn't accomplish anything other than make you feel awful! So feel it, validate it, then tell youself, "Here's what I'm going to do to help myself," and do it. Goood luck1 - PJH

Answered by PJ Hamel