Can A Man In His 60s Get Ms?


Asked by carol

Can A Man In His 60s Get Ms?

my husband just turned 62. he has not been diagnosed with ms, but i feel his symptoms fit relapsing remitting ms. and i am scared!

he had a short episode 2 yrs ago with inability to stop his speech and weakness in legs. i thought "stroke" and gave his an asprin and immediately took him to hospital. all scans and testing -normal. doctors put him on a blood thinner. about 6 mo. ago he had visual impairment at work. this lasted about 8-9 hrs. last weekend he suffered visual, plus motor impairment---legs---and arms with slurred speech. he also seemed altered mentally. this lasted several days. he had 2 mri's in the hospital. nothing was found.

i hope i am wrong to think ms. isn't 60 too old for new diagnosis of ms?

carol hensley


Hey Carol

I am not a doc either...just someone who has MS this case I would trust in science and if he had two MRI's and nothing is showing up then I am thinking it is unlikely to be MS. Did they do an MRI of his spine as well as his brain? What other tests did they do? And what possible diagnoses did they tell you about?

Now is the time to be assertive and ask what possible explanations there could be for his symptoms. Keep a written record of his symptoms, when they happened, for how long and how intense they were.

In my case I had one isolated symptom of Optical Neuritis over ten years ago, had a scan back then, which didn't show any lesions. Move forward in time to just a year ago and now the MRI shows lesions. So it is possible to have an MRI which doesn't show anything and then later the lesions show up.

From what you have said though, I would think by this point in time with his age and with the symptoms you are describing that if it were would show up on the MRI by now. But again I am not a neurologist. You have to be persistent in asking the docs what could be causing these symptoms and then go through a process of elimination.

I sure hope you get this all figured out soon. I am sure you are very worried. Write back and let us know how things go. Thank you for your question.

Answered by Merely Me