My head is Always hot and I Have Headaches. Can you Help?


Asked by RKS HOT

I Am A Man Who's Head Is Always Hot (Often With Headaches) For Several Years. Can Anyone Help?

I'm a male who just turned 66. For the past 4-5+ years I've suffered something similar to menopause. Most of the day, but slightly more as I am waking or laying down to sleep, my head becomes very hot. My temp. is always normal. Sometimes I become flush (when I'm up) usually when stress is higher, but not all the time.

The only temporary relief I get is if I immerse my head deep in a bucket of cool water for at least 1-2 minutes, which is refreshing. I hand squeegee most of the water from my hair - (I have a full head of hair). I leave my hair as wet as I can without dripping. Within a half an hour, the heat from my scull has dried most of the water. If I go out in the cold just before it dries, you can see water vapor steaming from my head.

I've mentioned this to several physicians (MD - I.M.'s, specialists), but none had an answer. One suggested male menopause, but the hot head is the only symptom I have (and continuously for years). I'm on several meds., but the prescribing doctors I talked to knew of no drug link to this problem.

Have you heard of such a case before? What am I suffering from? Is there help?

Thank you


Two things come to mind:

• There could be a hormone imbalance. This can be determined by a simple blood test for testosterone and thyroid hormones. When it comes to thyroid testing, many doctors only test TSH (thyroid stiumlating hormone) levels, but it's also important to check the Free T4 level as well. For more information on that, read: The Power of Hormones

• If you always have head pain when your head is hot, you may be dealing with Migraines. We have an excellent Migraine site where you can learn more and ask questions if you think that's a possibility:

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