'Man Boobs' Fighting Cancer

The bare female breast poses such a danger to the fabric of society that the mere sight of one could mean the end of civilization as we know it.

Or so it sometimes seems.

In fact, even an instructional video about how to do a self-examination for lumps is not fit for human eyes. But that is a problem that the breast cancer charity MACMA, in Argentina, has solved.

The organization has created a video to raise awareness of how women can check their breasts for signs of cancer -- featuring an amply endowed male model.

Many social media will block images of breasts that include the nipple. For females, that is. And so in the video we see two rather feminine arms extend from behind the model, rubbing and squeezing the man’s chest region, including the nipple -- for all the world to see! It’s exactly what a woman should do to her own breasts when checking herself.

And so, in the end, women are informed, censors are pacified, and society is saved.

What a world we live in.

Sourced from: BuzzFeed, This Breast Cancer Charity Is Using “Man Boobs” To Avoid The Social Media Ban On Female Nipples