Manage Fatigue with MS Energy Tracker

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Symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) vary widely from person to person, but one symptom affects as much as 80 percent of people living the condition—fatigue. MS-related fatigue can be minor, interfering only intermittently with a person’s daily life, or it can be debilitating, causing a person to have to leave work or school. The exact cause of MS-related fatigue remains unknown, and different management techniques are effective for different people.

By using this tracker on a daily basis, you can keep track of your own triggers for fatigue. Possible factors that may affect your energy levels may include your activity level, the time of day when you’re most or least active, types of food you eat and your sleeping behaviors. After a few weeks of filling out this tracker and observing the things that seem to cause or worsen fatigue, you can try making adjustments to your lifestyle as necessary. If you’re still not sure what course of action to take, you should consult your doctor to help recommend ways to help manage your fatigue.

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