Can A Manic Episode Last 10 Months?


Asked by JeanMark

Can A Manic Episode Last 10 Months?

I've been bipolar for 20 years, with the longest manic episode lasting 2 months. I am always happy during these times, positive and the best 'me'. I can be calm yet manic at the same time. The last 10 months were great, but now I feel like I may be a little depressed. Sometimes I wonder if my happy periods are in truth just mild manic episodes...


Did you have any severe mania symptoms during those 10 months? Hallucinations, delusions, significant interference with daily life, or hospitalization? If not, you almost certainly weren't having a manic episode.

It could have been a hypomanic episode OR - it could be that state is your baseline. There's nothing that says you can't be calm and happy between episodes if you have bipolar disorder. Does this help?

Answered by Marcia Purse